A principal and vice principal at an Arizona high school have been placed on paid leave pending an investigation following the leak of a video showing them mocking President Donald Trump and his Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway.

Parents expressed outrage after Boulder High School Vice Principal Jay Kopas portrayed Trump and Principal Lauren Sheahan appeared as Conway.

"OK men...and you girls. We're here to make Boulder Creek great again," Kopas said, adding that they would be vetting "stupid students" before they enroll at the school.

Here is the full video.

After the video leaked, Sheahan released the following statement in a letter to students:

"Our intent was to share it only with the staff and connect the satirical skit to our work ahead for the rest of the school year. We apologize if our Presidential parody offended anyone. In no way should it be viewed as a political statement or intended to be malicious toward our students, parents, or staff."

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Tuesday's panel on "Outnumbered" discussed the video and the place of politics within the school system.

"There's so much wrong with that," said Steve Hilton, former senior adviser to former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. "First of all, the sort of intellectual idiocy even of the apology...how could they write those words?"

"You have people around you having a conversation where they assume you agree with them and they assume that everyone out in the audience also hates Trump and also thinks he's ridiculous, and it suppresses and intimidates and bullies the people who don't agree with them," said Fox News host Melissa Francis.

"I'm a liberal who thinks this is ridiculous because I think don't think politics has any business in schools," said Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky.

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