The founder of an immigration activism non-profit battled Tucker Carlson on Monday over President Trump's plans to secure the Mexican border by building a wall.

Enrique Morones of Border Angels who holds United States and Mexican citizenship, said it is "very inhumane" of Trump to consider walling-off Mexico from the United States, and criticized the existence of a task force like the Border Patrol.

"They don't have [authorities] rounding up people [on Mexico's southern border]," Morones said.

Carlson disagreed, and noted Mexico's strict laws governing immigration.

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Illegal immigration is a felony, and repeated illegal immigration can land someone in a Mexican prison for up to ten years, he said.

Morones called Trump's plan "very racist [and] xenophobic" and "an embarrassment to the whole world."

He contended that United States intervention in the Middle East as well as members of the American public who have purchased drugs from Central America compound the reason for illegal immigration northward..

Watch the full debate above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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