Judge Jeanine Pirro and economist Ben Stein had a lively debate on "Justice" over President Donald Trump's inaugural address, which Stein called "the least eloquent speech" he's ever seen.

Pirro pressed Stein on why Trump's address was any less eloquent than others. Stein said the only "memorable" phrase in the address was America First.

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"That's an evil phrase that comes from Charles Lindbergh. ... I don't know why he chose that phrase," said Stein, explaining that the phrase has an "evil connotation" 

He then questioned how Trump is going to deliver on his many promises, like improving public schools in inner cities like Chicago.

"I'll tell you how to fix Chicago," Pirro countered.

"First thing you do is you get rid of Rahm Emanuel. Second thing you do is you get rid of the guns! Third thing you do is you start putting people in jail. Fourth thing you do is you make sure the people know: you possess a gun, you bring a gun in, we're coming after you and we're gonna lock you up!" she said.

Stein still questioned whether those actions would improve the school system, arguing that Democrats will "fight tooth and nail" against school choice on the federal level.

Watch the compelling interview above.

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