It's the gift that keeps on giving.

First Lady Melania Trump presented outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama with a gift at the White House prior to Donald Trump's Inauguration Friday, and Mrs. Obama's reaction has created a buzz on social media.

Mrs. Trump gave Mrs. Obama a box from Tiffany's, and Mrs. Obama appeared unsure of what to do with it.

And now, here is the GIF that keeps on giving!

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"The gift’s arrival seemed unexpected, and it briefly created an awkward moment," The New York Times wrote.

Fox News host Jenna Lee said Monday on "Happening Now" that she did some research to see if that sort of gift exchange between first ladies had ever occurred before.

It turns out in 2009, Mrs. Obama herself presented Laura Bush with a gift in that exact same spot, and it appears as though Mrs. Trump was simply following her precedent.

Either way, social media has had a field day with the gift exchange.

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