White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus engaged in a heated debate with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday over the legitimacy and magnitude of the issues brought up by Press Secretary Sean Spicer at a news conference Saturday night.

Spicer criticized the media for running allegedly incomparable photographs of President Trump's and former President Obama's inauguration crowds, as well as a TIME magazine reporter's later retracted report that Trump removed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s bust from the Oval Office.

Wallace pointed out how the two photos show marked differences in crowd size on The Mall, but Priebus maintained that the pictures were taken at different times on each inauguration day.

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Priebus also called the initial claim by TIME magazine reporter Zeke Miller that Trump removed King's bust from his office an "explosive accusation."

Miller later retracted the report after Priebus and others pointed out it was still in the office but had moved to make room for the return of Winston Churchill's bust.

"There's an obsession with the media to delegitimize this president and we are not going to let it happen," Priebus said, calling Miller's reporting an example of "shoot[ing] first, aim[ing] later."

Priebus also reacted to the thousands of women who marched in cities across the country in opposition to Trump's stated policies.

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