On Saturday, Jesse Watters traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit the women's march taking place on the Mall, one day after President Trump was inaugurated.

Marches were also held in several other cities around the world in solidarity with the one in the District of Columbia.

Watters said his parents, as well as his sister, took part in the Washington march, and read part of a letter his mother wrote him explaining why the family joined the others in the capital.

"I feel both blessed and deeply appreciative that in this country I can march... for equality and dignity and justice," Mrs. Watters wrote, "I think that women in particular, in light of so many statements made throughout the campaign, are at risk regarding rights, safety and basic liberties."

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Jesse took to the streets as well to ask other participants why they were marching:

"The right to healthcare," one woman responded; "Government should not have control over our bodies," another said.

When, during an interview, a passer-by yelled an expletive at Watters, he joked with his interviewee that she was a "nasty woman"-- a reference to a remark made by Trump during a debate with Hillary Clinton.

"We're all nasty women," the interviewee said.

Watch the full clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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