Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) criticized the crowd that witnessed President Trump's inauguration for booing him during his speech.

Schumer said on CNN that he was trying to deliver a message of inclusion and unity on Friday but "heard catcalls" and was told of further booing after he stepped down from the dais.

"That speech given with any other president or audience would've been cheered," Schumer said, "It's not controversial language to say 'we're all Americans' [or to] reach out to others."

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The Brooklyn Democrat said he was shocked to hear "catcalls" while telling the story of Sullivan Ballou, a Civil War hero from Rhode Island who penned a letter to his wife shortly before being killed at Manassas.

"Wow, what kind of situation is that?" he asked.

Schumer urged Trump to recognize instances such as the booing during such a speech and "speak positively about being inclusive", adding that he hopes the president will be more Reaganesque in "bringing people together."

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