Family Research Council president Tony Perkins praised President Trump's inaugural address and first actions as the 45th Commander-in-Chief.

He said Trump's speech was a continuation of his campaign rhetoric, through which he targeted politicians and the establishment, while promising a more populist agenda.

"That is what the Americans want," Perkins said of Trump's decision not to "dial it back" in the speech that marked the peaceful transfer of power between him and former President Barack Obama.

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Perkins added that Trump has again "opened the gate of the public square to Christianity": 

"The reign of cultural lawlessness is coming to an end," he said, referring to Obama's self-described use of a "pen and a phone" to "push a cultural view" of which most Americans were not supportive.

Perkins said he appreciated Trump's vocal support for law enforcement and continued promise to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism.

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