The mainstream media has been vocal in proclaiming President Donald Trump's inaugural address as "dark" and "radical."

Michelle Malkin, senior editor for Conservative Review, joined "Fox & Friends" Saturday to discuss her take on the media's criticism of the speech.

"It just shows that there really are still two Americas," Malkin said. "There's normal everyday America that was inspired by Donald Trump, and then there's the media and Hollywood that were gnashing their teeth and pulling their chins."

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Malkin said she was a guest on BBC Friday and was surprised by the negative reaction to how the speech has been received, including ABC political analyst Matthew Dowd comparing the current times to the Civil War.

"You would have thought that the apocalypse would have happened with these people," Malkin said. "I don't understand what you're hearing. I heard soaring rhetoric, I heard inspiration, I heard unity."

Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was also a guest to discuss how the speech took on a "populist" tone.

"It certainly wasn't standard, old-school conservatism as we've heard. ... The media meltdown shows this complete disconnect from this mainstream media bubble and the rest of America," he said.

Watch the clip from the interview above, and share your own thoughts on Trump's inaugural address in the comments section.

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