Tucker Carlson, Chris Wallace, Dana Perino and Brit Hume joined Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum to give their impressions of President Donald Trump's inaugural address.

Carlson said the way Trump views the country is "really disconcerting" to many people but also very interesting. Carlson described a "post-industrial wasteland" that you see if you take a train ride between New York and Washington.

"It's dead factory after dead factory. Trump is horrified by that," he said, calling the address "purely distilled" populism.

"This was not a conservative speech. There was nothing in here about paring back government. This is populism," said Carlson. 

He also emphasized Trump's foreign policy statement that 'we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone,' calling that a "massive departure" from previous Republican presidents. 

MacCallum noted that Trump made sure to say "Islamic extremism" during the address.

Hume said the speech was "strong" but also "not poetic." He said Trump "painted this dark landscape of circumstances in this country and promised to fix it all, basically."

Wallace emphasized Trump's use of the phrase "American carnage," as the new president hammered home the point that he sees America as "on the wrong track."

"This was the speech of an insurgent, the leader of a revolt that has won, has taken control in Washington and he intends to push that agenda," said Wallace.

Perino saw the address as "very muscular" but also noted that Trump used the word "I" very few times. 

"I think that was on purpose. This was a speech about the people," she said.

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