A number of anti-Trump protests broke out outside of the "DeploraBall" Thursday night in Washington, D.C., on the eve of the inauguration.

Tensions were high as Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth interviewed protesters on the streets outside the National Press Club.

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Some protesters decided not to talk, while others were open to sharing their thoughts with Hegseth.

"The United States of America is a country that is based off the opposition of tyrannical governments. Cite the American Revolution for example," a protester said.

"The majority of people think that he's (Trump) illegitimate," another said.

Some "F--- Fox News " chants broke out, and a one protester proceeded to throw their phone at Hegseth.

"As you can tell we have a very tolerant group out here," Hegseth said sarcastically.

Check out the scenes from Hegseth's report in the above video.

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