On "Special Report" tonight, Laura Ingraham said that President Donald Trump "laid waste" to the Republican and Democrat establishment during his inaugural address today.

"The Bushes, the Obama, the Clintons, and a lot of the Republicans," Ingraham said, adding that she saw John Kasich and Marco Rubio looking "gray-faced" during the inaugural festivities.

"All these people that he defeated over the last 18 months had to come and hear this new vision for the Republican Party and this new vision for governing," Ingraham said. "And it makes a lot of people uncomfortable."

She said that Trump has a particular brand of "conservative economic populism," which is different from the interventionist views of George W. Bush or the globalist vision of Barack Obama.

Ingraham said that Trump is much more similar to Ronald Reagan, which is why so many in the establishment were surprised by his election victory.

"Today's speech was ... total Trump. This was Trump from beginning to end. It was an indictment, but it was also very hopeful."

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