When Donald Trump is sworn-in as the 45th President of the United States, more than 60 Democrats will not be in attendance. 

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight,"  Charles Krauthammer said the boycott is "scandalous."

Krauthammer noted the protesters out in D.C., saying many of them are "incoherent" when it comes to explaining what they're protesting. He argued that members of Congress are supposed to be the "adults" who set an example. 

"I think [the boycott] is scandalous. Inauguration is not the celebration of party victory. It's a kind of civic sacrament for something that is exceedingly rare in the world, which is the transfer of power uninterrupted now for 240 years, the longest anywhere on earth. That's something you celebrate," he explained.

Krauthammer called Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) a "genuine hero" for his fight for civil rights, "but heroes can be wrong," he added. In this case, Krauthammer said Lewis should not be leading the boycott and "lending his moral authority to a deeply unworthy cause."

Watch his full commentary above.

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