MSNBC's Chris Matthews reacted to President Trump's inaugural address by likening its "America First" theme to Adolf Hitler's platform. 

Matthews said the speech had a "Hitlerian background to it."

"When he said today 'America First,' it was not just the racial -- I mean, I shouldn’t say racial - the Hitlerian background to it, but it was the message I kept thinking," he said.

He then wondered how other world leaders would view Trump's message, including U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May. 

"Think of this when she picks up the papers. What did he just say? He said America first. What happened to [our] special relationship?" he asked.

Matthews viewed the message as similar to what Vladimir Putin has been saying about "Russia first."

"What if you're Putin? You're probably pounding the table saying, 'That’s what I've been saying, Russia first! Russia first!'"

Earlier, Charles Krauthammer argued that Trump's "America First" message will not be taken lightly around the world, saying our allies and trading partners are "quaking in their boots."

A few days ago on his show, Matthews and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) floated the idea of Congress impeaching Trump over his alleged ties to Russia.

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