Journalist Bob Woodward said President Trump's inaugural address was an "opening bid" for the agenda items on which he will seek to make deals during his term.

Trump's address, which Bill O'Reilly noted was more direct than past speeches, mentioned the issues he will seek to put before Congress, Woodward said.

"Donald Trump is a deal guy," he said, "He's going to make deals in Congress and people are going to be stunned."

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He said Trump's business background is the source of his proclivity toward "deal-making" as president: 

"He comes from this culture of 'let's sell it'," Woodward said.

Regarding the approximately 400 protesters that caused disturbances elsewhere in Washington during the inauguration, Woodward said their actions are historically "inconsequential" and ineffective.

They have "a right to protest, but not a right to be violent," he said.

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