The 9-year-old "weather kid" brought his enthusiasm and dance moves to "Fox & Friends" this morning. 

Here's the backstory: Charlie Warren, from Liberty, North Carolina, recently appeared on a local FOX 8 broadcast where kids did the weather forecast. His appearance was a viral sensation.

The third-grader, an aspiring race car driver, did such an amazing and unique job that the 'F&F' producers just had to get him on with Fox News' own Janice Dean!

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This morning, the two came together for a national forecast that we won't soon forget. 

How does Charlie feel about his newfound fame? 

"I feel goooooooood," he said...

And of course, after doing the forecast, Janice and Charlie compared dance moves...

"Sometimes for some excitement, I'll do a little dance on the weather map," she instructed.

Watch all the fun above!

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