EPIC: Tucker Exposes Hoax Group Claiming to Pay Protesters at Trump Inauguration

Man Attempts to Light Himself on Fire in DC to Protest Trump's Election

Tonight, Tucker Carlson took on Alex Mohajer, a Huffington Post contributor who says that Hillary Clinton is the "legitimate president."

In a piece published over the weekend, Mohajer wrote, "Hillary Clinton is the rightful president-elect of the United States."

He pointed to Clinton's win in the popular vote, Russian meddling in the election, President-elect Donald Trump's alleged ties to Moscow, and FBI Director James Comey's public comments on the bureau's investigation into Clinton's emails.

"Calling for judicial intervention and a new election, no matter how outlandish or uncharted, is our civic duty," Mohajer concluded in the piece.

Tucker said Mohajer is alleging things - like collusion between Trump and Comey - that he has no way of knowing. And he zeroed in on a 1987 magazine article, used as evidence by Mohajer in his piece. 

Carlson said the "propaganda" piece was from the Executive Intelligence Review newsletter, published by Lyndon LaRouche's "anti-Semitic cult."

"Why didn't you just go with a Scientology pamphlet or Heaven's Gate? Do you really think that's a legitimate news source?" Carlson asked. 

Mohajer then accused Carlson of calling into question President Obama's legitimacy while leading the "The Daily Caller" website.

Carlson challenged Mohajer to name actual examples. 

"The idea that people take a crackpot like you - who would throw something out there with no evidence - is distressing," Carlson said. "And shame on the Huffington Post for printing your garbage."

Mohajer said that Tucker isn't actually listening to his argument because he's too focused on "partisan squabbling."

"You ran a partisan group during the election!" Tucker fired back. You're a Democratic political operative!"

Earlier in the show, Tucker challenged a House Democrat who is skipping the inauguration on Friday. Watch that interview, here.

Watch the full interview above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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