New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote Tuesday that he would not be covering what President-elect Donald Trump posts on Twitter.

In an article titled "The Lord of Misrule," Brooks wrote:

"This is a resolution I'm probably going to break, but I resolve to write about Trump only on the presidential level, not on the carnival level. I'm going to try to respond only to what he does, not what he says or tweets. I really wish some of my media confreres would do the same."

Wednesday's "Outnumbered" panel weighed in on this proposed resolution.

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U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said the media should "definitely cover" Trump's tweets.

"If they want to criticize, that's their right, but that is a means of communication. ... A tweet is more authentic then a press release that's written by 20 people. That is the president's real thoughts. To me reporters would love that," he said.

Meghan McCain said that anything a president says, no matter the medium or the context, is news and must be covered.

"The New York Slimes as I call it has a huge problem with Conservatives and Republicans trusting their judgment on anything because they got this election not only wrong but so wrong that it will be taught in journalism classes," she said.

In his interview with Ainsley Earhardt that aired on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday, Trump said that he doesn't like tweeting but does so in order to counteract the "dishonest press."

"If the press were honest which it's not, I would absolutely not use Twitter," Trump told Earhardt.

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