A teacher in Michigan reportedly will not allow his fourth-grade students to watch President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration speech on Friday.

In an email to parents, Brett Meteyer, who teaches at Explorer Elementary in Williamston, Michigan, said he will allow students to tune into the Inauguration Day ceremony but not Trump's speech, due to the president-elect's "inflammatory and degrading" language.

"Because I am concerned about my students and your children being exposed to language and behavior that is not in concert with the most conservative social and family values, I have decided to show the inauguration Donald Trump this Friday, but we will not view Mr. Trump's inauguration speech," he wrote, according to conservative radio talk show host Steve Gruber, who posted the email on Facebook.

"I showed the speeches of Presidents Obama and Bush in 2009 and 2005, respectively, but am anxious about showing Mr. Trump's inaugural address, given his past inflammatory and degrading comments about minorities, women, and the disabled," the email said.

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