"I think it's over, isn't it?"

Country singer Lee Greenwood, who will perform at Friday's inauguration, called on celebrities and Democrats to "get behind the president, as we've done in every election prior."

He talked on Fox Business Network this morning about the long list of celebrities who have refused to perform due to their political opposition to President-elect Donald Trump. 

Over the weekend, singer Jennifer Holliday announced she would not perform and later said she received death threats when it was reported that she would accept the gig. 

"An entertainer should never use their stage as a pulpit to talk about politics or their personal agenda. You've been hired to sing and do the best you can to entertain the audience," he argued.

A report this week stated that the NFL asked Lada Gaga not to mention politics at next month's Super Bowl halftime show, but the league has since denied it. 

Greenwood wrote and performs one of the most patriotic anthems ever written: God Bless the USA.

He said he never intended for that song to be political, adding that it's a song for the military, Wounded Warriors and "all Americans."

Watch the interview above and check out the clip below of Greenwood performing his hit song for veterans on Veterans Day a few months ago. 

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