Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke questioned President Barack Obama moments ago at the president's final news conference. 

Corke asked Obama about the more than 60 House Democrats who have said they will not attend Friday's inauguration of Donald Trump.

The president declined to address the boycott by Democratic lawmakers. 

"I'm not gonna comment on those issues. All I know is I'm gonna be there. So will Michelle," he said. 

Corke also asked Obama about his discussions with Trump and whether he believes he was able to use "personal stories" to sway Trump to take a fresh look at some of his campaign promises on ObamaCare and illegal immigration.

Obama said he would not get into details about his conversations with Trump, describing them as "cordial, at times lengthy and substantive."

"You'd have to ask him whether I've been convincing or not," said Obama, adding that he has tried to offer his "best advice and counsel" on foreign and domestic issues.

He said, however, that it is "appropriate" for President-elect Trump to "go forward with his vision" for the country having won the election "opposed to a number of my initiatives."

Obama said he doesn't expect there to be "enormous overlap" between his and Trump's policies. 

Watch the full exchange above.

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