President-elect Donald Trump has raised more money for his inauguration than any president in history.

According to numbers from The Associated Press, the Congressional Research Service and the Federal Election Commission, Trump's Presidential Inaugural Committee has raised a record $100 million-plus in private donations, which is nearly double the previous record.

President Obama's inaugural committees collected $55 million in 2009 and $43 million in 2013.

Much of Trump's record-setting inauguration fund has come from six- and seven-figure checks from corporations like Chevron and Boeing.

The committee capped contributions at $1 million apiece and is not accepting donations from registered federal lobbyists.

An array of corporations, traditional Republican donors and even some Democrats have written checks.

The private money pays for the official inaugural balls, the traditional parade, giant TV screens on the mall for the swearing-in and thousands of portable toilets.

Any excess money raised will be donated to charity.

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