Jehmu Greene, who is running to be the next DNC chair, was challenged by Tucker Carlson on a range of issues during a compelling interview Monday night. 

Carlson pressed Greene for her thoughts on why Hillary Clinton lost, Rep. John Lewis' (D-GA) recent comments and much more. 

The longtime congressman and civil rights leader made headlines over the weekend by telling NBC News that President-elect Donald Trump's election victory was not legitimate in his view and that he would not attend the inauguration. 

That led to a series of tweets from Trump, going after Lewis by claiming that his Atlanta-area district is infested with crime and "falling apart."

Carlson asked Greene about a comment on Fox News in which she referred to the presidential vote as the "alleged election."

"Did you mean we should pretend [the election] didn't happen? As someone who wants to lead the Democratic Party, what's your position on that?" he asked.

Greene said "something happened in this election with Russia," leading to a group of Democrats storming out of a classified briefing on the subject. 

She said "we may never know" the full extent of Russia's actions, calling it an "attack on our democracy" and criticizing Trump for continuing "baseless attacks."

"The Navy deemed [John Lewis] so respected as an American that they named a ship after him. To see what Donald Trump is doing on Martin Luther King Day, nobody is standing for it. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not anybody who cares about the future of this country," said Greene. 

Carlson asked whether Greene, if elected as DNC chair, would tell Democrats across the country that Vladimir Putin was the reason for Clinton's defeat. 

Watch her response in the clip above and the full interview below. 

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