Sports analyst Stephen A. Smith reacted to criticism of President-elect Donald Trump's meetings with high-profile African-Americans in the past number of weeks.

Comedian Steve Harvey, activist Martin Luther King III, athletes Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, as well as rapper Kanye West have all met with Trump in Manhattan, N.Y.

Earlier Tuesday, commentator Dr. Marc Lamont Hill called many of the people who have met with Trump "mediocre negroes", which has sparked controversy.

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Smith asked rhetorically what impact on the minority community a Trump meeting with bigger names like former Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy and basketball star LeBron James would have.

Earlier, on "The First 100 Days", Prof. Michael Eric Dyson suggested Trump meet instead with black scholars and academics to encourage such outreach.

Smith criticized the level of "disgust" that has been seen when people like Harvey and Brown meet with Trump and say they like him afterward.

If African-Americans side with Republicans on any issue, they are labeled "sell-outs", Smith said.

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