Sean Hannity welcomed Bob Beckel back to the Fox News Channel and back to "Hannity"... by reminding him of his incorrect predictions about the 2016 election.

Hannity played a montage of Beckel saying last year that "this race is over" and that Hillary Clinton will be the eventual victor.

Beckel, who ran former Sen. Walter Mondale's (D-Minn.) 1984 presidential campaign, said he later took a look at some rural counties and noticed the large disparity between Clinton's and other Democrats' performance.

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In Cherokee County, N.C., Beckel said, Trump won 85 percent of the vote, while the makeup of the district is only 55 percent Republican.

"The Democrats didn't pay any attention to [rural areas]," he said.

Politics aside, Beckel said he was happy to be back.

"Welcome home," Hannity said.

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