"Deadliest Catch" and "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe posted a message that he received from an apparently former fan who was upset he will be speaking at a National Shooting Sports Foundation program in Nevada this week.

The woman, Marla W., told Rowe she was disappointed he would be "risk[ing his] good name associating with a bunch of gun nuts" at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

"There are already too many guns in this country and too much faux patriotism surrounding the Second Amendment," she wrote.

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Rowe, in his typically friendly but upfront style, responded by telling a story about how he organized a team-building exercise for his MikeRoweWORKS Foundation with US Navy SEALs.

After a skydiving session, Rowe said, his employees took part in a "small arms training session" with the SEALs, where the mostly "Millennial" crowd who had never handled firearms before eventually became comfortable with guns such as the AR-15 and 9mm, and even a 50-caliber.

"Their progress was impressive; their enthusiasm was infectious," he said, adding that the SEALs closed the day by sharing a barbecue meal with them at a local eatery and told stories of experiences in Fallujah, Ramadi, and other Middle East war zones.

"Obviously, you and I have a difference of opinion regarding the role of the Second Amendment, but thanks to the First Amendment, we can express our differences," he said.

Rowe closed by inviting Marla to accompany him at the SHOT Show to meet people like those Navy SEALs first-hand.

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