We know filmmaker Michael Moore has been outspoken in his opposition to a Donald Trump presidency, even calling for a disruption of Trump's inauguration on Friday.

However, that has not stopped the director from taking Trump "literally and seriously" on his campaign promises.

In Variety's Inauguration Issue, Moore answers questions as to whether he thinks Trump will enact a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. as well as whether Trump will actually build the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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"You do have to take Trump at his word. I still hear people say, 'Oh, he's not really going to build the wall.' Oh, he is going to build it. He knows that he's got to deliver at least a version of the wall," Moore said.

He answered "absolutely" when asked if Trump would enact the Muslim ban.

"What you're going to see is, on day one, he's going to rescind a dozen or more of Obama's executive-branch regulations. On day two, Republicans will start printing laws the way you print fliers for a homecoming dance," Moore said.

Moore appeared on the issue's cover along with Brandon Victor Dixon, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and Van Jones -- all of whom have been vocal in their opposition to Trump.

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