Author and professor Michael Eric Dyson told Martha MacCallum on "The First 100 Days" that stereotyping has harmed the ability to have a difference of opinion on President Obama.

He said that over the last eight years, "racial stereotypes have gutted any sense of having an honest difference of opinion" on the president's accomplishments.

Dyson said not all critics of Obama meant their criticisms in a racially-charged way, but that there is "no denying" much of the anti-Obama sentiment in the country was "racially-driven".

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"Many white Americans are not taught to think about race in a subconscious way," he said.

Reacting to a controversial comment by a CNN contributor about African-Americans who have met with Donald Trump, Dyson said that comedian Steve Harvey was not the right person for the president-elect to reach out to regarding issues in the black community.

He was responding to a comment by former Temple and Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill, who called Harvey and the other black leaders Trump has met with "mediocre negroes".

"If you're talking about serious issues... in black America, I don't think a comedian is top of the list," Dyson said.

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