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Singer Jennifer Holliday was reportedly in talks to perform at the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump, but then backed out and apologized to her fans for even considering it. 

Holliday announced Saturday that it was a "lapse of judgement" for her to consider performing at Friday's swearing-in of the nation's 45th President.

Appearing on "The View" today, Holliday detailed the furor that she generated, including death threats and hate-filled messages from fellow African-Americans calling her the n-word.

"It had gotten out of hand. ... They were saying I should kill myself or someone should kill me all over singing a song. I said, 'I just wanted to sing,'" she explained.

The Tony and Grammy award winner was quickly condemned by liberals and the LGBT community when news broke that she was going to perform.

Holliday then apologized to her LGBT fans for "causing such dismay and heartbreak," explaining that she was "uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history.

Holliday said she changed her mind after reading a Daily Beast article entitled, "Jennifer Holliday Will Perform at Trump’s Inauguration, Which Is Heartbreaking to Gay Fans."

Asked why she considered performing in the first place, Holliday said she didn't fully understand the level of opposition and was hoping to use her voice to help bring healing and unity.

"[I was going to perform] because I'm an artist and I love America. It just didn't dawn on me," she said, explaining that she performed for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. 

Holliday said she thought politics was going to be put aside for one day. 

"I thought we had instructions from the Obamas and the Clintons to go ahead and do a cease-fire for one day. I thought it was OK," said Holliday.

Watch the clip above.

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