A tweet from more than a year ago has now gone viral.

"Red Eye" co-host Andy Levy discussed in his "Halftime Report" how his tweet below has spread across the internet.

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Levy retweeted this tweet -- which he originally tweeted on the day Vice President Joe Biden announced he would not be running for president -- last week when President Barack Obama surprised Biden by awarding him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Levy said the buzz was first generated when Tumblr user estebanwaseaten posted the tweet saying this could be a way to ruin all of the pre-printed merchandise for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

"Doing this would be extra fantastic because suddenly all of the pre-printed inauguration memorabilia '45th President' stuff Trump has made would suddenly be made inaccurate, as Biden would technically own that title. So they'd either have to scramble to make a bunch of new stuff OR they'd have to go through with the Inauguration without any '46th President' t-shirts or hats or whatever OR all the Trump supporters would just have to buy merchandise that was technically inaccurate."

The post exploded across all social media platforms, with Twitter users tweeting directly at Biden and Obama to make this happen. And of course there's now a Change.org petition calling for Obama to make Biden president for a day.

Do you think this will actually happen? Tell us in the comments section.

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