This week, in a "Watters' World" exclusive, Jesse Watters visited the Chicago apartment where four individuals allegedly tortured a cognitively disabled white man for hours, while live-streaming part of the attack.

A neighbor told Watters that the two women arrested in connection with the attack, Brittany and Tanishia Covington, lived in the apartment.

Two men, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill were also arrested in the incident.

Watters gained access to the apartment, where he said there was possible evidence of children living with the women at the time.

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He visited the apartment's restroom, where the man was forced to drink from a filthy toilet, as well as a bedroom where his scalp was sliced and cigarette ash was sprinkled in his wounds while he was tied-up in a corner.

During the attack, the suspects yelled epithets at the man, which included "[expletive] white people" and "[expletive] Donald Trump".

The suspects have been charged with a slew of offenses, including felony aggravated kidnapping, unlawful restraint, as well as a hate crime charge.

Watters said the man, who has schizophrenia, is recovering at home with his family.

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