This week on the "Greg Gutfeld Show", Greg Gutfeld slammed BuzzFeed for publishing an unverified dossier of compromising alleged intelligence against President-elect Donald Trump.

Gutfeld noted how some of the dossier's contents were graphic, and questioned the news outlet's journalistic ethics in publishing information not confirmed to be true:

BuzzFeeds defense was that since their reporters got ahold of the dossier, the readers should see it, Gutfeld said, remarking sarcastically about the seriousness of BuzzFeed's journalism.

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"Go to BuzzFeed's homepage, you'll find so many examples of fine reporting," he said, pointing to several headlines which included "Impossible Questions for a Kim Kardashian Fan" and ways to eat "more mango."

In tribute to BuzzFeed's independent decision to publish the dossier, Gutfeld offered a BuzzFeed-style "listicle" of "7 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Not Have Run the Dossier".

"None of it is verified, and fact checking is hard... and BuzzFeed is too busy finding pictures of melons that look like Kim Kardashian's [backside]."

He noted that that the contents were closer to opposition research than real intelligence, and that BuzzFeed would "never, ever" published a dossier of the sort about President Obama."

"Could you imagine any outlet running this smut about our adorable, lollipop-coated ray of sunshine?" he asked, "Hell no, you'd lose your job, reputation and friends."

Watch the full monologue above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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