On Thursday, the Department of Justice inspector general announced a new review of how the Justice Department and FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal in the lead-up to November's election.

The probe will look into why FBI Director James Comey decided to make public comments about the Clinton email investigation, and also whether he and the Justice Department followed established protocols.

On "Special Report," Charles Krauthammer said that this review - along with allegations about Russian meddling in the election - are how Democrats are attempting to "diminish" President-elect Donald Trump.

Krauthammer explained that Democrats were so stunned by their election loss that they were speechless for a month-and-a-half.

"Now, they seem to have found a way to deal with it, which is to say it was a stolen election," Krauthammer said. "The Democrats want to have at least two reasons outside of themselves to say why it was a rigged election."

He said he doesn't believe that the Democrats' attempt at delegitimizing Trump will work, but he doesn't think they have any better options.

"What else are the Democrats going to do?" Krauthammer. "They've been decimated."

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