Workers preparing for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20 have taped over the name of the company — "Don's Johns" — that is supplying portable restrooms for the event in the nation's capital, The Associated Press reported.

The name of the Virginia-based portable toilet rental company is apparently too close to that of the president-elect for inauguration organizers.

The AP reported that workers have placed blue tape over the company name on dozens of portable restrooms installed near the Capitol.

Robert Weghorst, chief operating officer for Don's Johns, said he did not know the logos were covered up until the AP reported on it.

"We don't know why it's being done. We didn't tell someone to do it," he said in a telephone interview Friday. "We're proud to have our name on the units."

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and the Presidential Inaugural Committee had no immediate comment Friday.

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