Thursday's "Outnumbered" panel discussed the leak of a 35-page dossier claiming President-elect Donald Trump has had deep ties with Russia.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denied that the U.S. intelligence community was behind the leak, as Trump suggested during his news conference Wednesday.

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"This is not just an attack on Trump. This is an attack on the American people because they elected Trump to do the work for the American people. This is undermining us," said Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy.

Julie Roginsky said Trump's tweet in response to Clapper was "false."

"This dossier was generated by some opposition research entity. ... To blame the intelligence community that neither generated this nor pushed it is to me incredible," she said.

Meghan McCain mentioned that there were rumors related to the leak that surfaced on 4chan, which she described as the "bowels" and "grossest part of the internet." She then questioned how something from the grossest part of the internet made its way to the FBI and was printed on CNN and BuzzFeed as "actual fact."

"For those of us that have actual real concerns about Russia and Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump, all my concerns have been blown out of the water by some crappy journalists who can't possibly get their facts straight," McCain said.

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