All we can say is ... wow!

An Arkansas mother and her four children built a house for themselves using YouTube tutorials and lots of advice from locals. 

Cara Brookins is telling the inspiring story of how she and her kids worked together to accomplish the seemingly-impossible task. 

Brookins told KTHV-TV that it all started in 2008 after she left a domestic violence situation with her children and wanted a house so that each of her sons and daughters could have their own rooms 

Without the money to buy a home of that size, she decided obtain a small loan and buy the supplies to start the construction. 

Her teenage daughter was a bit skeptical.

"How are we going to build a house? We have no idea what we're doing," Hope Brookins recalled asking.

The feat was accomplished using YouTube tutorials and a lot of questions at the local Home Depot.

"It was a lot of just asking anybody we ran into at Home Depot, 'so how would you do this?" she recalled.

Cara Brookins, a fiction author, has now penned a book about the family's journey, saying she hopes to convey a message of hope and inspiration to other victims of domestic violence situation.

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