At his first news conference since the election, President-elect Donald Trump announced that he would be giving up control of his businesses to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

Though by law Trump did not have to do so, Judge Andrew Napolitano said he supported the decision.

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"Did Donald Trump do enough yesterday? The simple answer is, he didn't have to do anything," the judge said Thursday on "Fox and Friends." "Everything he did was to give him the opportunity to focus 100 percent on being president of the United States and not have to worry about running his businesses.

"Legally could he have run the businesses? Of course he could. Personally could he have run the businesses? He loves running those businesses. Of course he could have."

Judge Napolitano also applauded Trump's plan to donate foreign profits from his hotels directly to the federal treasury.

Watch the segment above, and share your thoughts on the judge's remarks.

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