In recent years, parents have expressed some frustration over Common Core math problems. 

Now a North Carolina parent's Facebook post is going viral, as adults react with consternation to a new brain-teaser. 

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The letter-number puzzle above comes from a first-grade student's homework packet:

"Internet friends: solve this 1st grade math homework," the Holderness family wrote, adding "#showyourwork #mybrainhurts."

There were many answers like this: "What purpose does this serve in life? Whatever happened to normal math homework?" 

But someone eventually broke through. The answer (it appears) lies in making the diagonally-arranged letters add up to the same amount using the key. The S-B-G adds to 40, so to make the other side equal, the answer would be: J (14).


The family member who posted the picture later explained that the complex puzzle came at the end of a seven-page packet and that the previous pages were more in line with first-grade level. 

What do you think?

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