Tonight, Tucker Carlson took Mathew Ingram, of Fortune Magazine, over BuzzFeed's publishing of unverified documents suggesting President-elect Donald Trump has been compromised by Russia.

Ingram, who authored a piece today defending BuzzFeed, said the information in the documents might not all be accurate, but it was being read by officials at the highest levels of government. Thus, he said, the American people deserve to see it.

Tucker said that journalists have a responsibility not to spread false information, let alone knowingly.

He said the press must verify the veracity of reports before going forward with them, and BuzzFeed failed miserably in this case.

Ingram reiterated that most senior U.S. intelligence officials believed that this information was important enough to include in a briefing for both the current president and the president-elect.

He said that he would publish documents if he were running a news organization.

"Then you have low standards. I'm sorry," Carlson said. "We exist to stop hearsay, not perpetuate it."

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