Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) reacted to the leak of an intelligence dossier that has been criticized as unfairly vetted and considered false by President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump said at a press conference Wednesday that Russia was likely behind cyberattacks against US entities, but struck back against details from the dossier that were released by some press agencies.

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"Anyone who leaked it [to the public] should be prosecuted," Paul said, "If an intelligence agency head talked to the media, they should go to jail; if it was [someone in the] Obama administration, they should go to jail."

If you can't trust the FBI to keep secret information likely to cause a public official to be blackmailed, it increases the risk of said officials being extorted, he said.

"Somebody is releasing information [someone] is using to blackmail," Paul said.

He said he must take Trump at his word regarding the legitimacy of the dossier or lack thereof.

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