Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz criticized BuzzFeed for publishing what he called a "bubbling stew of unverified rumors and allegations" against President-elect Donald Trump and any possible ties to Russia.

"This was a perversion of journalism," Kurtz said in response to a memo put out by BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith.

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Smith said BuzzFeed had "serious reason to doubt the allegations" against Trump, but made a difficult decision in choosing to publish the dossier in question.

"People of goodwill may disagree... [but this is] how we see the job of reporters in 2017."

"That's not how I see it," Kurtz said, noting that Smith showed bias by calling Trump a "mendacious racist" during the campaign, in a separate memo that reportedly permitted BuzzFeed writers to refer to the New Yorker as such.

Of CNN's report on the alleged connections, which held back unverified details from the dossier, Kurtz said he would not have aired that version of the story either.

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