A study released Tuesday by the National Association of Scholars purports that more than 400 universities are offering "New Civics" courses allegedly intended to train students to become left-wing activists.

George Mason University law professor Frank H. Buckley joined Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday to discuss whether the federal government, which funds these universities, is attempting to churn out student activists.

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"It's a takeover of scholarship really in the direction of making little community organizers of all of our students," said Buckley, author of "The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America."

Buckley said the federal government has poured money into colleges that have these "New Civics" course over the last 20 years and even more so during the past eight years.

"We're giving money for scholarship for students who want to learn things," he said. "We're not giving money to teach people how to occupy buildings and go out and riot on the streets. That's not what it's all about."

Buckley said the Trump Administration should be focused on directing funds to schools that are faithful to adhering to scholarship.

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