Richard Painter, the former ethics advisor to President George W. Bush, said President-elect Donald Trump has not done enough to allay conflict-of-interest fears as Inauguration Day approaches.

Painter said Trump's major problem is owning businesses in nations that are either not friendly with the United States, or unsafe.

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He also said Trump's press conference discussed only profits from foreign properties and not the fact his name will still be ubiquitous on many of his properties.

Trump has said he will be handing over control of his companies to sons Donald Jr. and Eric.

"Anything that interferes with his ability to be the best possible president of the United States is an ethical problem," Painter said, "We haven't heard a comprehensive plan for sweeping out all of the foreign government money."

The Trump Organization's presence throughout the world will be a "distraction" to the New Yorker's ability to lead the United States without conflict, he said.

"It's time to sell his businesses and be president," Painter said.

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