Bernie Goldberg believes that President-elect Donald Trump is somewhat to blame for his contentious relationship with the press, but he does have legitimate reason to be angry with them over "fake news" and unsubstantiated reporting.

Goldberg said Trump has a right to be frustrated with media organizations that reported on an unverified dossier detailing an alleged intelligence briefing given to Trump.

The report allegedly contained potentially compromising personal and financial information about Trump, and suggested that he may have been compromised by the Russian government.

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He called BuzzFeed's publishing of the information "journalistically irresponsible" and "reprehensible."

Goldberg said part of the source of Trump's ire is the fact "too many chuckleheads" give more credence to '"fake news'" than real news.

He compared the issue with "fake news" involving Trump to the false report of an underage sex ring operating out of a District of Columbia pizzeria that was supposedly run by Hillary Clinton.

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