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Television host Mike Rowe told Tucker Carlson that the idea of bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, as President-elect Donald Trump has urged, is an integral part of our national identity.

Recently, Trump announced plans by Ford and Chrysler/Fiat to add thousands of positions in the United States.

Rowe said that living in a country that actually makes things is part of the American experience.

He explained the overarching hallmark of blue-collar work is "the value that comes from getting your hands on a thing and always knowing how you're doing, because you're part of a process."

While there has been debate over whether Trump's plans to revitalize America's manufacturing sector interferes with the market-based economy, Rowe said it can be hard to balance the needs of both the consumer and the worker at the same time.

He said that while there are many blue-collar sectors that need more jobs to be created, occupations like trucking, pipefitting and plumbing have more openings than applicants.

"Get a skill that's in demand and that can't be outsourced," Rowe advised.

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