Greg Gutfeld sounded off on liberal Hollywood actors who, during the Golden Globes on Sunday, made jokes about President-elect Donald Trump and criticized his platform.

"Humor is the best therapy for broken, emotionally-fragile millionaires," Gutfeld said, calling the awards show a "group hug after getting spanked."

"House" star Hugh Laurie joked that it may be the last ever Golden Globes because the sponsoring organization has "Hollywood", "Foreign" and "Press" in its title, a thinly-veiled criticism of Trump.

Gutfeld also recalled how Meryl Streep said Hollywood was the most vilified segment of American society: "Yes, they're the victims, the 'deplorables' if you will," he remarked.

The actress appeared to criticize Trump for his stated plans to deport illegal immigrants, saying that if the president-elect clears out Hollywood in such a way, only football and mixed martial arts would remain.

Streep's jab MMA was a proxy for a certain part of America that she was mocking during her speech, Gutfeld said.

"Trump is not trying to deport the cast of 'Girls'... though we can dream."

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