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In the first interview of his new 9:00 p.m. ET air time, Tucker Carlson discussed with Glenn Beck his previous opposition to President-elect Donald Trump as well as his views on the broadcasting business.

Beck disagreed with the contention that people thought he saw Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as "anointed by God" to be the Republican nominee and eventually the president-elect.

Each person is called to take action at a specific time, Beck said, "All of us are called by God to do certain things ... sometimes that just means to take a stand."

He said Americans of both political persuasions need to humble themselves, as we are living in "critical times."

Beck criticized Democrats who have been voicing their continued opposition to Trump, saying they were the same folks "mocking and ridiculing" Republicans when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) lost to President Obama in 2008.

"Now [Trump] has to be all-of-our president... The last president [n]ever reached out to do that."

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