Krauthammer: Senate Dems Must Be Careful in Targeting Trump's Cabinet Nominees

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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer sounded off on the prospect of "Kate's Law" passing the Congress and being signed by President-elect Trump.

"It's really hard to imagine a logical argument against it," Krauthammer said of the bill, which provides for mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal immigrant felons.

The bill is named for Kate Steinle, a young California woman who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant felon, Juan Lopez-Sanchez, while walking with her father on a pier in San Francisco.

Krauthammer called the 2016 election a referendum on immigration policy and said that during Trump's term, the legislature must "get serious" about preventing all types of illegal immigration.

He said that since former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has retired, Congress has a much better chance of seeing Kate's Law become a reality.

Although Kate's Law's passage is important, Krauthammer said, cutting off federal funding to sanctuary cities, building a "barrier" on the Mexican border and further implementing e-Verify are larger campaigns that demand attention as well.

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