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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer joined "Special Report with Bret Baier" Monday to discuss the upcoming Senate confirmation hearings of President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet picks.

Senate Democrats are expected to attempt to block several of Trump's picks, including Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, among others.

Krauthammer said Senate Democrats must have a strategy in place rather than attempt a full-throttle opposition to Trump's picks.

"The Democrats are going to have to be careful," Krauthammer said. "One of the things that helped them lose the election was that they insisted they were in charge and nothing got done in the Congress. Part of it was the result of obstructionism. They tried to blame the Republicans for it."

"But if they are seen as doing nothing but trying to stop for the sake of stopping, to obstruct for the sake of obstructing, I don't think it's gonna work. They really ought to choose one or two targets. ... If you're gonna try to go after all at once, it's gonna look insincere and pure politics as usual."

Krauthammer mentioned Scott Pruitt, Trump's nominee for director of the Environmental Protection Agency, as a possible target for Democrats to block for what they term as "cozy political ties" with the oil and gas industry.

The hearings are set to begin Tuesday.

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