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Tucker Carlson, host of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" previewed his program's move to 9 p.m. ET starting this Monday, in an interview with Howard Kurtz.

Carlson said the move to one of the most prominent spots in primetime television is "a little intimidating".

"Nine o'clock is an hour for, among other things, newsmakers. You can have a newsy interview... that cuts through a lot of the cant and obfuscation and gets to the core point; it doesn't need to be confrontational or hostile," he said.

He said that President-elect Donald Trump's election proved that voters want "deep skepticism" focused on Washington, D.C., and that he will work to make "Tucker Carlson Tonight" a program that does just that; to all sides.

"It will always apply to anybody who is taking my money and wielding power over me," he said.

Kurtz asked whether Carlson was "feeling the pressure" of moving to such a prominent time slot:

Carlson said his focus every night will be on each program, rather than competition and the like:

"I'm a pretty small thinker; I tend to think about the show, 'what's on the show tonight'."

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